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VITANAX PX4 Capsules 2Pack
VITANAX PX4 Capsules 2Pack
EU €88.44
EU €86.87
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Dr.Kelen Sport Cream
EU €4.84

100 ml

Active Ingredients: Apple cider based Liquorice, Thyme, Lavender, Rosemary and Sage Extracts, Eucalyptus Oil, Menthol.

This hypoallergen cream may be used both before and after physical activities. Before trainings, workouts or any physical activity, the Dr.Kelen Sportcream increases power and endurance. It prevents stiffness and reduces the risk of sport injury and overstrains of muscles and joints. After physical activity, it relieves tired muscles, prevents spasm and stiffness, and heals sprains and strains as well. Thanks to the medical-herb based herbal-system, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and beneficially reduces swelling and haematoma caused by injury. The cream absorbs rapidly, skin does not become sticky, and does not leave stains on clothing. Please do not use on open wounds or bleeding skin.

Doping-free! No fragrances, no colourants!
HYPOALLERGEN: Clinical tests prove that it does not irritate even highly sensitive skin!

Dr. Kelen Sport Products
Dr. Kelen Sport Products are very successful amongst professional and amateur athletes, those undergoing physical training, and hard physical work. Their use increases muscle loadability and delays fatigue. They help to reduce the risk of overload, muscle pain, and sport injuries. Furthermore, they assist the rapid regeneration of muscles and joints. The special hydrogel absorbs immediately, skin does not become greasy or sticky even in the case of perspiration, and they leave no stains on clothing. The substances contained in the Dr. Kelen Sport products are not included on the MOB doping list.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 06 August, 2010.
Herbal Cure Massage Lotion

Herbal Cure Massage Lotion
EU €6.34


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Moisturizing Skin Repair Gel (96% Aloe)

Moisturizing Skin Repair Gel (96% Aloe)
EU €8.09


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LS Deep Nourishing Massage Cream with Grape Seed Oil+

LS Deep Nourishing Massage Cream with Grape Seed Oil+
EU €5.44


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LS Fat Burning Creamgel with Cinnamon Extract

LS Fat Burning Creamgel with Cinnamon Extract
EU €8.91


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Natural Dead Sea Mud (34)

Natural Dead Sea Mud (34)
EU €9.34


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Varicose Gel with Horse-chestnut

Varicose Gel with Horse-chestnut
EU €6.53


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