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Delice Solaire Tan Extension Spray
Delice Solaire Tan Extension Spray
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EU €3.96
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Beres BoneStrength FORTE Tablets
Béres Rt.
EU €12.76

60 tablets

For strong, healthy bones.

Active ingredients per tablet:

  • Calcium 400 mg 50% RDA
  • Magnezium 75 mg 20% RDA
  • Vitamin D3 2.5 ug 50% RDA
  • Vitamin K1 37.5 ug 50% RDA
  • Zinc 5 mg 50% RDA
  • Manganese 1 mg 50% RDA

Recommended Intake: For adults, 1-2 tablets daily. If treated for ailments, always consult your medical professional, do NOT take more than the recommended amount.

A Beres Csonterő filmtablets is a complex dietary supplement containing vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and lysine essential for bone formation. In addition to calcium and vitamin D, this supplement also contains vitamins and trace elements necessary for bone formation and reaching optimal bone mass:

  • Calcium that is the main constituent of our bones
  • Vitamin D that is essential for calcium absorption and its incorporation into the bones
  • Magnezium, and the trace elements zinc and manganese, are necessary for the formation and maintenance of the normal structure of bones and teeth
  • Vitamin K that takes part in the formation of healthy bone structure

When is this supplement recommended?

  • Calcium deficient diets (consumption of little or no dairy products, during weight loss diets)
  • To help develop the optimal bone mass during adolescence
  • Increased calcium requirements for women (pregnancy, lactation, as well as during and after menopause)
  • When smoking, and consuming coffee and/or drinks containing caffeine and alcohol)

Caution: Ask your doctor about taking this preparation if you have kidney, liver, or bile duct disorders or heart diseases! Health supplements do not substitute a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 24 November, 2011.
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