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VITANAX PX4/S Capsules 2Pack
VITANAX PX4/S Capsules 2Pack
EU €88.44
EU €86.87
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IN VITRO Dermipsor Psoriasis Shampoo
EU €14.38

100 ml

Composition: This is the first shampoo which contains Dermipsor-Care-Complex and very pure propolis. Propolis is a natural substance with very high biological value, which effectively fights against pathogens.

Expert in the problems of the scalp - A cream shampoo with a 5-in-1 effect, which may effectively be used against dandruff, itchy scalp, extreme scaling, and most common cases of psoriasis and seborrhoea.

  • The composition of DERMIPSOR Cream Shampoo makes it a very unique product, therefore it also works differently than the others. This product is sulfur, tar, and steroid-free, yet it’s substances contain great biological value. It removes dandruff and scaly skin without drying the scalp, and provides it with the benefit of natural active agents.

  • It conditions and forms a nourishing coating on the scalp. Furthermore, it significantly reduces itching. It is applicable not only on the scalp, but may also be used as a soap to clean and nourish other areas of the body surface with similar problems.

What are the likely effects of the product? This shampoo, after a few weeks of use, removes dandruff, red patches, scaly surfaces, cleanes the pores, revives the scalp, fill the hair follicles with vitamins and herbal extracts, fostering their effecting functioning. It is also important that due to it’s composition, it is suitable for everyday hair care as well. It’s active ingredients are of natural origin. It does not contain sulfur, tar, steroids, or synthetic fragrances either. The shampoo is pH 5.5.

May be used by children, pregnant, or nursing mothers as well. However, please ensure that in does not get into the eyes or mucous membranes of children.

Proposed Use: Wash hair with Dermipsor cream shampoo at least two or three times a week. If the above described symptoms return, begin using this shampoo again.

If after the first few uses you find that there is more dandruff, then this is usually due to the combination of the intense cleansing effect of the shampoo and improper rinsing of hair. Upon your next use, please rinse shampoo out of hair even more thoroughly, for a longer period of time and with more water.

There is a fundamental difference between the lather of the traditional, primarily cosmetic shampoos and Dermipsor cream shampoo. The traditional shampoos contain a lot more water and lather-inducing material, therefore they foam more easily. However, Dermipsor cream shampoo is characterised by less water but significantly more active substances. It is for this reason that when using this shampoo, more water must be used and rinsing must be more thorough.

The correct washing recommended steps are as follows:
  1. Wet hair thoroughtly, using plenty of water. It is not enough to quickly wet just the top of hair.
  2. Place 5-8 ml of Dermipsor cream shampoo into the palms of your hands. Thoroughly rub shampoo into your hair, gradually adding more water while washing hair, until foam is formed.
  3. Leave shampoo on head for 3-4 minutes, allowing it to take effect. Then rinse shampoo very thoroughly with plenty of water.
  4. If your hair is longer and thicker than the average, or heavily polluted, then in some cases, there may not be a sufficient amount of lather. With traditional shampoos, we would add more shampoo onto our hair, thus promoting lather. However, with Dermipsor cream shampoo, this is not the case; if there was not enough lather, thoroughly rinse the first amount of shampoo out of hair, then repeat hair washing with a larger amount of shampoo in the manner described above. As part of your daily practice, you will soon find the right amount of shampoo necessary for your hair care needs.
  5. This product is also suitable for regular hair washing, and even specifically recommended, because it does not dry the hair! Any hair styling products (conditioner, mousse, or hair spray) may be used after washing.
  6. This product may also be used as liquid soap or shower gel for washing and care of other parts of the body’s skin surface with similar symptoms.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 29 July, 2008.
IN VITRO Dermipsor Psoriasis Shampoo

IN VITRO Dermipsor Psoriasis Shampoo
EU €14.38


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