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Vitanax PX4 + Flavogenin PRO Pack
Vitanax PX4 + Flavogenin PRO Pack
EU €74.16
EU €73.44
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Pote-Mix Tabletts
EU €45.31

150 tabletts
Distributed by Good-buy TV Shop Ltd.

POTE-MIX is a potency enhancing herbal mix, which has been introduced to European markets following several years of successful testing in Switzerland.

This herbal mix has been developed for people with erectile dysfunction, improves male potency. Good results can be expected for individuals who are under continuous stress. As opposed to other similar preparations, this one is also suitable for strong smokers, for people with circulatory problems. This pill can be also used by diabetics, patients recovering from myocardial infarction and those suffering with high blood pressure.

Advantages of the Pote-Mix tablets:
  • produced exclusively from medicinal plants
  • does not contain any hormonal components
  • can improve physical and mental condition
  • can improves hypogastric circulation resulting in improved libido in women and known to improve potency in men
  • no side effects and no interactions when used in combination with other medical drugs, no interference with hormonal system
  • can alleviates stress effects

Dosage: 3x2 tablets per day in regular intervals.
Interruption of treatment for a period exceeding 12 hours results in reduced effect. When used regularly, positive effects occur in about two months.

What is the cause of erectile dysfunctions?

In the past it was thought to involve mental disorder (impotence), however this view has changed as a result of new scientific findings involving the process of erection (especially vascular mechanisms leading to erection) and as a result of changes in therapy, transforming incurable disorder into a well manageable condition.

Psychological problems are very often a cause and often a result of erectile and sexual dysfunctions. Depression, problems in relationship, family issues, work stress, effort to meet increased demands of younger partner, inappropriate, derogatory or other similar adverse expressions! These are only some of the most frequent causes and conditions accompanying as well as causing erectile dysfunction.

If for any reason the erection does not arise or if it cannot be maintained throughout the intercourse, men feel it as “failure”.

Preparation for next intercourse is marked by anxiety and fear from potential failure in the course of the intercourse. The man – instead of submitting to the pleasure – continuously watches the erection. This conscious observation interferes with erection resulting in vicious circle which further complicates the issue. Erectile dysfunction resulting form mental problems are marked by the fact that very often it depends on the situation or on the partner – i.e. in case of intercourse with a different partner, the problem is eliminated. Very often the erection occurs but due to fear from failure it is terminated prematurely before penetration into vagina.

In addition to mental problems, very often deteriorated erection is among the first symptoms of a general disorder (diabetes, vascular disorders, etc.) therefore correct diagnosis and treatment are very important.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 15 April, 2010.
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Vitanax PX4/S + Flavogenin PRO Pack

Vitanax PX4/S + Flavogenin PRO Pack
EU €74.16
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