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Vitanax PX4 + Flavogenin PRO Pack
Vitanax PX4 + Flavogenin PRO Pack
EU €74.32
EU €71.80
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Active Rice Diet
EU €21.96

700 g (20 servings)
Distributer: Vitaking Kft.

A natural and healthy way to becoming slim and beautiful!
Long term, worry-free weight control without excruciating hunger or „yo-yo” effect.


  • soy isolate
  • rice extract
  • whey
  • chicory extract (inulin)
  • stabilized rice bran
  • thickening agents
  • aroma
  • grape extract

Recommended Intake:

  • Mix 4 measuring spoons=1 serving (35g) of the drink powder into 2,5 dl (approx. 1 cup) low-fat milk or low calorie yogurt, fruit juice, or water. Mixes well even without a blender.
  • For a healthy meal: replace one main meal with the drink, while ensuring that the other two main meals and snacks consist of a healthy and balanced meal.
  • For weight control: replace 2 main meals with the drink, while ensuring that the other main meal and snacks consist of a healthy and balanced meal.
  • If you feel hungry during the regimen, mix and drink an additional serving.

While consuming the product, make sure to reduce daily calorie intake (maximum of approx. 1200kcal daily) and get exercise. Drink plenty of fluids (2-3 liters/day)!

For almost the last 5,000 years, rice has been a major source of nutrition, and today it is a basic source of food for half of the world’s population. In America, there is even a saying which says „A rice day is a nice day.”

However, it is important to note that there is great difference amongst rice. Within the membrane (bran) of this cereal hides various forms of nutrition. This membrane contains a lot of protein, minerals, vitamins, and primarily unsaturated fats. After some time, rice bran becomes stale and rots. What can be done to prevent this? Rice is simply polished, leaving it looking nice and rotting is prevented; yet, 80% of it’s nutritional value is lost! ACTIVE RICE DIET, thanks to a range of excellent discoveries contains instantly dissolving rice extract and stabilized rice germ, thus offering new perspectives of ways in which the wonderful effects of rice may help to serve our health and fitness with unprecedented effectiveness!

Furthermore, a pleasant feeling of satiety is provided by the low-calorie matrix of whey proteins, soy isolate, carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins (B and E), antioxidants, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and inulin. The low GI (glycemic index) carbohydrates providing a constant insulin level continuously provides the body with energy, so consumption of ACTIVE RICE DIET helps in avoiding that unpleasant feeling caused by low blood sugar typical to drastic diets.

An unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating habits results in too many useless calories and a large amount of waste build-up within the body, causing excess pounds and health problems. Obesity is caused by an imbalance in energy intake and what is actually burned by the body, causing more and more aesthetic and psychological symptoms. Each serving of ACTIVE RICE DIET ensures that one feels more energetic, contributes to meeting daily nutritional needs, and maintains a feeling of satiety without being heavy on the stomach.

ACTIVE RICE DIET is the ideal choice for those wanting to regain and maintain their lost figure.

Everybody longs to maintain a youthful, slim appearance and smooth skin. Weight loss diets requiring starvation not only ruins the body, but also have a very harmful effect on skin. The painfully lost pounds jump back on quickly, oftentimes more than what was lost; this may cause the skin to sag, wrinkles, cellulite, and stretch marks. The skin serves not only aesthetic purposes, but is also very important from the defense point of view. It needs ingredients primarily derived from foods. One of the most important ingredients within ACTIVE RICE DIET is whey which nourishes and beautifies the skin, also helping to get rid of cellulite. The minerals such as calcium, zinc, selenium all contain „skin building” characteristics. Protein supply and the presence of amino acids are essential to the formation of skin collagen. It can be observed that aging of the skin in Asian women begins at a much later age; this is thanks to their diet rich in cereals (rice), soy, and foods containing soy. Internal „feeding” of our skins also includes continuous and adequate fluid intake (atleast 2-3 liters/day).

Some good advice and useful information :

  • DO NOT diet if you are ill, weak, or pregnant!
  • In order to avoid disappointment, set realistic goals based on your age, weight, health conditions, and the length of the diet.
  • During the diet, your body will visibly transform, therefore counting the pounds should not be of primary importance, but instead, measure yourself in centimeters. Keep a diet diary where you can keep track of the changes!
  • The effectiveness of your diet can be significantly increased by making small changes that can be integrated into your day almost without notice and sacrifice.
  • Pounds lost through fast and drastic diets are usually derived from water loss.
  • When starving oneself, the body gets its energy not only by turning to the excess fat, but also begins to break down muscle tissue. Ideally, healthy weight loss is 0,5-1 kilogram (0.2-0.5 pounds) weekly.
  • Eat more vegetables, fruits, and salads.
  • Eat smaller meals five times a day.
  • Keep consumption of refined sugars to a minimum.
  • You do not have to give up your favorite foods, but instead, pay attention to the sugar and fat contents within the foods consumed.
  • If weight loss is your goal, ensure that your daily caloric intake is 500-700 calories less than your actual recommended daily intake.
  • Exercise regularly!
  • Perseverance is important! Consistently continue the diet you began.
  • ACTIVE RICE DIET may be started and/or repeated any time!

Extra advice: The ACTIVE RICE DIET program:
Lose unwanted pounds within 1 month in a healthy manner.

  • Day 1-2: Replace all 5 meals with a serving each of ACTIVE RICE DIET drink.
  • Day 3- 10: Replace the 3 main meals with a serving each of ACTIVE RICE DIET drink. As a morning and afternoon snack, choose amongst the recommended foods. During this time period, consume no more than 1000kcals per day!
  • Day 11-30: Replace breakfast and dinner with a serving each of ACTIVE RICE DIET drink. For the remaining 3 meals, choose amongst the recommended foods. During this time period, consume no more than 1200kcals per day!

During day 1 and 2, the body begins the process of detoxification. The stomach shrinks, and we prepare the body for less food. Ensure plenty of fluid intake during these two days!

During the diet, begin your day by drinking a tall glass of still mineral water!

Drink 2-3 liters of still mineral water and/or herbal tea throughout the day.

Recommended foods: lean meats, vegetables, fruits, salads. When calculating you daily caloric intake, make sure to include the energy content within ACTIVE RICE DIET!

Health supplements do not substitute a healthy, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle and/or professional medical treatment. Do not consume more than the recommended daily intake!

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 27 July, 2011.
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