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VITANAX PX4/S Capsules 2Pack
VITANAX PX4/S Capsules 2Pack
EU €87.96
EU €83.92
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Dr.Kelen SunSave F20 Suntan Cream
EU €4.72

100ml (3.38 Fl.oz)

Active ingredients: Allantoin, Tocopheryl Acetate, Titanium Dioxide, SP ingredients.

With use of this suntan cream, children can spend 18-20 times more in the sun as compared to the individual skin burning time/minimal erythema time without any skin damage. The intense and long-lasting sun protection is guaranteed by the photostable physical and the chemical UVA and UVB components; the free radical blocking component reduces the risk of the harmful altering of the skin. It is waterproof, thus remains on the skin even while splashing. However, please reapply cream every several hours or after rubbing child dry with towel. May be used on all skin types, and on face and body alike.
Please keep children from direct sun exposure and remain in the shade from 11 am to 3 pm even with the most efficient protection!

Clinically tested! No colourant! Waterproof!
HYPOALLERGEN: even for highly sensitive skin!

Dr. Kelen SunSave Products
Modern sun care products contain photostable protective ingredients and protect against both UVA and UVB. They are water resistant thus remain on the skin after swimming or water sports, contain free radical blocking components, and ensure immediate protection. The professionally developed and clinically tested SunSave sun care products meet all these requirements, thus providing the sun protection needed.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 29 July, 2010.
Delice Solaire Tan Extension Spray

Delice Solaire Tan Extension Spray
EU €4.76
EU €3.96


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SunSolar Bronz 2in1 Activator Mini

SunSolar Bronz 2in1 Activator Mini
EU €0.68


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Moisturizing Skin Repair Gel (96% Aloe)

Moisturizing Skin Repair Gel (96% Aloe)
EU €7.96


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Delice Ice Aftersun Cooling Gel

Delice Ice Aftersun Cooling Gel
EU €4.36
EU €3.96


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Biomed Calendula Cream Double

Biomed Calendula Cream Double
EU €3.80


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SelfSun Dark Tan Self-tanner

SelfSun Dark Tan Self-tanner
EU €4.76


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