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VITANAX PX4/S Capsules 3Pack
VITANAX PX4/S Capsules 3Pack
EU €132.66
EU €126.56
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Vitamin C Tablets with Natural Rosehip Extract (40 pcs)
DrChen Patika Oriental Herbs
EU €6.41

1200 mg x 40 tablets


  • Vitamin C (1000mg/tablet)
  • 100% natural rosehip extract (50mg/tablet)
  • carriers
  • film-powder

    Recommended Intake: 1 tablet daily, to be taken with plenty of water.

    According to folk medicine tales, rosehip has long been known for it’s role in health preservation. Due to it’s high vitamin C content, it has been used for centuries for immune system support.
    Vitamin C is essential for normal functioning of the immune system, helping to protect the body against various infections. As a powerful antioxidant, it neutralizes harmful free radicals in cells. It is essential to certain hormones and collagen synthesis, and helps the intestinal absorption of iron. The human body cannot produce and store vitamin C on its own, therefore, it is important that it be covered in the daily diet. Sign of this vitamin deficiency may include a tendency for bruising, bleeding gums, increased tendency to bleed, slow wound healing; joints may become swollen and sensitive, bones ache. One may experience loss of appetite, general weakness, and dry, scaly skin.

    Certain conditions increase the body's vitamin C requirement, such as the effects of stress, smoking, taking drugs (eg contraceptives), febrile conditions, and surgical interventions. The active ingredients within the tablets are released GRADUALLY, which means that it continually provides the proper amount of vitamins, making the absorption more efficient.

  • This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 23 July, 2008.
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