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Vitanax PX4 + Flavogenin PRO Double Pack
Vitanax PX4 + Flavogenin PRO Double Pack
EU €104.09
EU €102.81
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Luobuma Hypertension Regulating Tea
DrChen Patika Oriental Herbs
EU €4.22

2 g x 20 tea bags


  • green tea
  • Apocynum venetum (luobuma) leaf
  • pagoda tree flower
  • chrysanthemum flower

Recommended Intake: Draw a teabag with one cupful of boiling water and steep it for 15-20 minutes. 2 cups suggested daily. Flavour at will.

Far Eastern traditional medicine recommends this sweet tasting tea, made only of natural ingredients, to patients suffering from hypertension. The main ingredient of this product is Luobuma (Apocinum venetum), has a high concentration of flavonoids.Luobuma leaves crop in the chrystal-clear, fresh air of the Tibetan God-Mountain in 6000 meter hights. Luobuma is an important part of the everyday life of Tibetan people, it is used for teas, vegetable dishes and soups as well.

Luobuma, as a herb has been used in Chinese medicine since the tenth century, and is regarded as a medicine that is highly effective against dizziness and insomnia, reduces blood pressure, slows down ageing process, and detoxifies the body. It's regular consumption may help to strengthen the immune system and prevent various illnesses caused by hypertension. According to Chinese research, it can be an excellent supplement to medical treatments. It can also be used in the long-term, since it has no known side-effects. Since it contains only natural ingredients, this tea may be used together with antihypertensitive drugs, but it does not substitute drugs subscribed by your physician.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 01 April, 2008.
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