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VITANAX PX4/S Capsules 2Pack
VITANAX PX4/S Capsules 2Pack
EU €83.63
EU €82.56
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DOSKAR Beta-Carotene Capsules
Doskar CEE
EU €15.15

80 capsules

Ingredients per daily dosage (1 capsule): 227,5 mg carrot powder, gelatin, 6 mg beta-carotene (pre-stage of vitamin A), sesame oil, soy oil, 7.45 mg d-alpha- tocopherol (vitamin E 7.45mg), water, wetting agent glycerol, colors iron oxide yellow, iron oxide red, titanium oxide.
The daily dosage contains: 1000 micro grams Vitamin A (1000 micro grams RE), which is equivalent to 125% of the recommended daily dosage* of 800 micrograms; 7.45 mg Vitamin E (alpha-TE), which is equivalent to 74.5% of the recommended daily dosage* of 10 mg;
*recommended daily dosage as per Ordinance on Nutrient Content Labeling of Foods, Austrian Secretary of Health and Consumerism.

Recommended Intake: 1x1 capsule daily, to be swallowed whole with plenty of liquid..

Beta-carotene is also referred to as provitamin A and belongs to a group of natural pre-stages of vitamin A. Carotonoids are primarily found in carrots, and therefore, have also received their name from them. A definite characteristic is the yellow-orange coloring. Hence we know a lot of red and yellow-red vegetables that have a high content of carotonoids. A transformation of carotonoids into the active form of provitamin A takes place through the effect of enzymes in the intestinal walls and in liver cells. Carotonoids are pigments in plants which protect the plant from the oxidative influences and damaging effects of light, thereby preventing tissue damage. Carotonoids can assume similar protective functions within humans. Beta Carotene is the best known carotonoid. It contributes to protecting against the harmful oxidation processes, thus helping to slow doen the aging processes. It may also help to maintain a healthy immune system.

Health supplements do not substitute a healthy, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle and/or professional medical treatment. Do not consume more than the recommended daily intake!

Magister Doskar Pharm Produkte
The Magister Doskar Pharm Produkte company is a family business with a GMP certification. In order to ensure high quality at all times, the company has an ultra-modern atomic absoprtion spectrometer at their disposal. Given the fact that they continually serve their customers with products of the highest quality, they regularly develop new products and product lines. Based on this philosophy, the company continuously expands their range of natural nutritional supplements according to the latest research results. They place emphasis not only on the products produced for humans, but also on animal care and medical products, all which are manufactured according to latest scientific research. Their laboratories are equipted with the most modern technical devices, where both their own and import-originating products regualry undergo very strict monitoring.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 23 June, 2008.
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