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AquanaX Capsules
AquanaX Capsules
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Charan Tea Capsules
DrChen Patika Oriental Herbs
EU €7.08

500 mg x 50 capsules

Food supplement with momordica charantia(aka. "bitter melon"), inulin, vitamin B1, B6 and C and chromium.

Main ingredients:
  • ground momordica charantia (315mg/capsule)
  • Inulin (50mg/capsule)
  • vitamin C (30mg/capsule)
  • vitamin C (30mg/capsule)
  • vitamin B1 (1,4mg/capsule)
  • chromium picolinate (60mcg/capsule)

The complex combination of active agents contributes to maintaining healthy blood sugar level. Momordica charantia (or bitter melon) fruit has been used for everyday meals at tropical areas since a very long time. Inulin is a fiber may contribute to maintining health of the digestive system and the immune system. Vitamin C supports proper functioning of the immune system. Vitamins B1 and B6 have a role in carbohydrate metabolism and also contribute to balanced functioning of the nervous system. Chromium intake is suggested especially for diabetes patiens because it has a positive effect on carbohydrate metabolism.that reaches the colon undigested, where it provides favorable nutrient for the useful bacteria of the body.

Dosage: 2 x 1 capsules suggested daily.

Warning: Food supplements do not substitute a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 23 July, 2008.
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